Join 40+ people in the journey towards what will be first of its kind transformational program
The Hajj would be the graduation of this program.
The participants will be taken through a 10 months program where they will attend Timelenders workshops and programs; reflect and develop a powerful vision in their life; go through a personal mentoring and coaching program.
The participants will have to attend the following:

a. The following workshops of Timelenders: Strategic Time Management, Strategic Visions, Bridging Differences: the art of creating agreements, Sleep Management, Stress Management.

b. An exclusive Residential Vision Retreat for Vhajis in May of 2017.(Serena Swat or Shigar Fort, Shigar Valley, Baltistan)

c. One on one coaching session once a month. This will be life coaching and will touch all aspects of Vhajis life from professional issues to health; from spiritual development to hobbies. For brothers, the coaches will be led Mr. Yameenuddin Ahmed and Suleman Ahmer and lady coaches will be led by Mrs. Madeha Ahmer. Mr. Suleman Ahmer will be overseeing the whole coaching program.

d. These coaches will be with the Vhajis throughout the program excluding hajj. Only Mr. Suleman Ahmer, Mr. Yameenuddin and Mrs. Madeha Masood will be accompanying the participants during hajj.

e. Hajj training by Maulana Najm Abbasi, the imam of Alhamra masjid. He is also the Shariah advisor of the group and will accompany the group in the hajj also.

f. A bimonthly Powwow (pronounced Pao Wao, a Native American word for conference) to be held every second month in which the group will get together and everyone will share his/her progress in the program. There will be a talk by a scholar in the program. Family members of the Vhaji can also attend by paying for their expense in the program.

g. For Vhajis who are not in Karachi, their travel to and fro from Karachi for the Powwow will be their responsibility. Keeping this in mind, only the 5th Powwow will be mandatory for them.
Theme 1
Theme 2
The Hajj will be the graduation of this program.

The Hajj and its logistics will be outsourced to an experienced Hajj Operator and they will take care of all the matters. Three Hajj Operators will be invited in the beginning of 2017 and they will present their services, packages and rates and the group will decide on which operator to go with. 

Once this decision is taken, we shall try to get a group discount from the Operator. Once the rates per person are finalized, the participants will directly pay the Operator. We shall be aiming for an average hajj package. For example in the last hajj the average packages were ranging from Rs. 550,000 to 650,000 per person. Again, this is just an approximation as the final numbers will only be confirmed after the Saudi Government announces its policy and the Hajj Operators calculate their rates.

The participants will be allowed to go with other operators if they want to get better rates. If someone wants to get luxury services then they can opt for higher rate packages with the same or other operators.
Kick-off Powwow Sunday, October 9th, 2016

Early-Bird discount ends October 15, 2016

Program Commences November 1, 2016

2nd Powwow December 4, 2016

3rd Powwow February 5, 2017

4th Powwow April 2, 2017

Vision Retreat May 13, 14, 15 & 16, 2017

Ramadan May 27-June 26, 2017

5th Powwow July 16, 2017

Leave for Hajj August 1-August 20, 2017

Hajj August 30, 2017

The Fee for Theme 1 is Rs. 425,000 which covers all of the programs in the theme.
For Theme 2, the cost will depend upon which Hajj Operator we select and then what your final decision

Note: For Theme 1, the sign up advance will be Rs. 50,000. You have the option of paying through installments or availing the early bird discount which will be Rs. 375,000. Early bird discount ends on October 15, 2016. For installment plan please contact the designated representative to assist you further.
Q1: Who do I call for details, questions and registration?
Answer: You can call the Program Manager, Mr. Harris Qureshi (0300-8222857) or Mr. Yasir Yameen (0333-3269032). The best would be to send them an sms and then follow-up with a call.

Q2: Can I deposit money directly into your account?
Answer: Yes, you can. You must keep a record of the payment and inform Harris or Yasir immediately that you have transferred the amount so that we properly account for it. Our Account details are:

Account title:
Branch name:
Meezan Bank
Shahrah-e- Faisal: 
Account number: 0111-0100078521

Q3: Do you take credit cards? What about checks?
Answer: yes, we do take credit cards. Please call Harris for details. If you have a check then please call Harris and he will have it picked up from you.

Q4: What if due to an unforeseen event, I have to drop out of the course, what will be the consequences?
Answer: We shall calculate the services you have taken till that time (fee of the courses that you have taken, the expenses for the powwows, counseling sessions (@ Rs. 2,500/hour) and deduct the amount from your advance and return the balance.

Q5: What if someone doesn't follow the program as outlined?
Answer: if someone misses out on any program which is mandatory for some genuine reason then we shall go out of our way to come up with creative solutions like having mentors deliver the knowledge or using technology like skype to bridge the gaps. If we sense that a lapse is due to negligence then a refund would be given as per answer 4 and the participant would be politely removed from the program.

Q6: What if I am not in Karachi?
Answer: In this case we shall request that you do as many workshops as possible in Pakistan or Dubai. For the remaining workshops you would do them through the recorded videos and then we shall test you to ensure that you have understood the concepts. The only exception is the retreat: you would have to travel to Pakistan if you are abroad to attend it. And if Pakistan is not feasible (as may be for some people) then you will inform us and inshallah we shall arrange one in Malaysia with added cost. This additional cost will be range between $ 1000-1,500. All the Powwows will be recorded. You would have to watch the proceedings of the Powwows. Attendance of the 5th Powwow will be mandatory.

Q7: What if I am not satisfied with the program?
Answer: Please contact Mr. Suleman Ahmer and we shall try our best to address your concerns. If you are still not satisfied, you will retain the option of dropping out at any given point in time by mentioning that you are not satisfied (you don't even have to mention the reason) and your full amount will be returned. This is valid till the beginning of the hajj. Once the hajj starts, your amount becomes non-refundable.

Q8: Can I gift this program to others?
Answer: Yes, you can. We believe that This program can be your best gift to your teenage children! It can be a token of appreciation for your parents. Similarly, this could be an excellent program to develop you key employees in your company. If you are aiming to make someone the CEO, put him in this revolutionary program. Similarly, aiming to get your son or daughter married? Put them in this program before marriage and equip them for marriage in a way that is not possible otherwise.

Q9: What if the workshops that you are offering clash with my schedules?
Answer: we have a yearlong schedule of open house workshops (workshops which are announced
ahead of time and anyone can register) happening in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Dubai. You can look at the schedule and design your own program and submit it to your mentor. Your mentor will keep a track of your schedule.

Q10: I am a lady and I am not comfortable with a male mentor?
Answer: Only lady Mentors will be assigned to ladies.

Q11: I have already done the workshops, do I have to do them again and if not then do I get the credit for the workshops I have already done?

Answer: Please keep in mind that our workshops are in the constant phase of development and enhancement. New things and insights and knowledge is being added continually. Compare the Toyota Corolla of 1974 with the one of 2016 You will admit that there is a difference.

Many of the people who have made a huge difference in their own lives and in the lives of others are people who have repeated our workshops. Dr. Abdul Bari Khan of Indus Hospital; P. Ahmed Saheb of Pak Qatar Takaful; Commodore Naveed Ahmed of the PN War College and Mir Shoaib of Diamond Paints are just a few examples.

So the verdict is the following: If you have done our workshops after July 1, 2015 then you would not have to repeat it. Make a list of those workshops, look up their fee from our website ( and deduct it from the early birds' fee (there is an early bird discount) of Rs. 375,000. The remaining will be the fee that you will pay.

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